Thursday, October 19, 2006

HockeyGiant $100 equipment package

HockeyGiant has superstores in Blaine and Bloomington (HockeyGiant Superstore - Bloomington, MN, near REI). Coach Rick reports they offer an equipment package (not including skates) for younger players:
Hockey Giant offers a $100 equipment package for players 14 and under, $149 for over 14 or senior sizes. The Team Package includes:

1 pair of shin pads
1 pair of shoulder pads
1 pair of elbow pads
1 helmet with cage
1 pair of hockey pants
1 hockey stick

The brands are Mission, Itech, Bauer, and CCM, we used to use one brand for all but since hockey is starting up they use a variety of brands. Matt Rasmussen is the rep there that manages this.

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