Friday, October 29, 2010

Register now - prefer this weekend!

The registration deadline is closing in.  Please spread the information to your teams that we would really like all registrations in before Monday, Nov. 1st.  

This includes coaches registration.  No one will be allowed on the ice without these forms completed.

You all know that you can sign up late… but why wait?   I am asking for these to make my life (and Cindy’s) easier.  Everything gets a bit busier when the season gets going.  Also, we cannot ensure new or replacement jerseys for anyone that signs up late.

Follow the instructions at

Jane Cashin

So far I have…
13 – Eagles
9 – Polars
8 – Wildcats
16 – Stingers
1 - Raptor
4 – unclaimed, waiting to see if can fill the Stingers roster.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Team calendars are on web site

The official team calendars are online, including the Eagles calendar.

Although this is a bit geeky, you can subscribe to these calendars in Outlook 2007, Google Calendar, or OS X iCal (but not Apple's MobileMe). I even have this calendar on my iPhonej alongside my other calendars -- but that's tricky to do.

The subscription links are at the bottom right of the page. There is one problem however. The url for iCal style subscription starts with "webcal:". You need to change this to "http:" to add the team calendar to your Google Calendar. (Works as is with OS X iCal however.)

Facebook site is a good source for news and events

I've mentioned the MN Special Hockey Facebook site before, but it deserves a reminder. It's at

The page is public, so you don't need to to join Facebook to follow it. There's a public feed too, so if you're a geek like me you can get updates through your feed reader [1] even if you're not a Facebook member. I subscribe to that feed in Google Reader -- it's how I make sure I don't miss notices.

You'll also see a view of page activity on the right side of this news page.

If you're a FB member and you "like" the SH page you will receive updates on your "Wall" and/or by email and/or text message (SMS).

Highly recommended!

[1] Google Reader, Outlook 2007 or 2010, and OS X Mail are all good feed reader solutions. Internet Explorer 8, Safari OSX/Windows or Firefox are also feed readers, but their less ideal solutions. If you have a web phone you can use Google Reader Mobile or iPhone users have the excellent application.

PS. I think we may want to make the FB site our "news page" and retire this page, but I need to discuss that with Susie.

Season kickoff meeting for MN SH

The season kickoff meeting for MN SH is tomorrow - Sunday Oct 17th from 2-4 pm at Mariucci arena.

I completely missed notification of this, I'll have to find out what happened. Might have been an email filtering malfunction, but it's also not yet on the official calendar.

There's a poster on our FB site. The meeting is 2-2:30, the skate is 2:30-4:00 at Mariucci Arena. Goldy will skate too.