Friday, October 29, 2010

Register now - prefer this weekend!

The registration deadline is closing in.  Please spread the information to your teams that we would really like all registrations in before Monday, Nov. 1st.  

This includes coaches registration.  No one will be allowed on the ice without these forms completed.

You all know that you can sign up late… but why wait?   I am asking for these to make my life (and Cindy’s) easier.  Everything gets a bit busier when the season gets going.  Also, we cannot ensure new or replacement jerseys for anyone that signs up late.

Follow the instructions at

Jane Cashin

So far I have…
13 – Eagles
9 – Polars
8 – Wildcats
16 – Stingers
1 - Raptor
4 – unclaimed, waiting to see if can fill the Stingers roster.

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