Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kickoff Event for 2007: Oct 7 at MN Made, Edina

It's steamy and hot, but some of us are thinking about hockey ...
www.mnspecialhockey.org - Minnesota Special Hockey :

We are holding a Kick off Event on October 7th at 4:20 pm to 5:20 pm at the MN Made Ice Center in Edina. This is an opportunity for our experienced skaters to lace up the skates and warm up. It is also a great opportunity to recruit more skaters. Please bring a friend or two or six and encourage them to give hockey a try...

www.mnspecialhockey.org is largely working now

The www.mnspecialhockey.org - Minnesota Special Hockey site is largely working now. Susie has been busy adding information to the site. I'm also doing ongoing testing and we should be ready fairly soon to add more user accounts and email addresses.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Minnesota Special Hockey web site reorg

USA Hockey changes mean we have to reorg our site. I've temporarily switched both news.mnspecialhockey.org and www.mnspecialhockey.org to point to this blog. In the meantime I'm preparing our new home our new home on Google's servers. Once that's done we'll have a range of services there all of us can use and both this blog and our other services (calendar, etc) will all have the mnspecialhockey.org address. I'm hoping to get this done by 7/25/07.

Update 7/21/07: This is a complex move, and I expect we'll have some service interruptions. July is a good time to be doing this!

Update 7/21/07: We're not in bad shape at the moment, though the photos are offline for now. The new web page and calendar are loading.

Update 7/24/07: We might be done with the first phase. The redirects are working and so is the old photo link. The internal email systems are working, and I've added one user (Susie Miller). My account is still admin@mnspecialhockey.org, I'll transfer that to an official admin when we have one and create another user account for me. The blog (news.mnspecialhockey.org) is still "mine" but when Susie gets comfortable with the new site I'll add her as an admin. In the next year I want to transfer the domain to our organization as well, that will take a little bit of work. Next up will be creating additional user accounts, all email will redirect to preferred accounts. We'll also create some email lists and upgrade to Googles non-profit offerings which are more robust.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer news: Golf tournaments: Section 108 and HockeyDocs

Susie Miller writes with an update for the 2007-2008 Season. There are TWO golf tournamens in August, one on the 18th and the other on the 27th. If you can attend either one please let Susie know.
While it is not quite time to start registering for hockey, it is a great time to register for the Section 108 golf tournament. The tournament is on August 18th, all proceeds will be given to the MN Special Hockey program. If you are not a golfer, please share this with someone who is. Also, it would be great if a few of our players could attend even for just a little bit...

The attached flyers describe how to register and where the golfing will be:

Cover of flyer (click to see larger image)

Inside of flyer (click to see larger image)

Registration form: click to expand and print

We are also going to be a part of another great tournament...please see the email below I received from one of the Hockey Docs. This tournament will be another great opportunity for our program. As stated below they would love to see some of our players at the event.
Susie also included an email from a "HockeyDocs" a MN charitable organization of hockey playing physicians. She encourages our hockey players to drop in and say hello.

Emphases and some edits are mine, the event is a golf tournament and dinner. (Note: not all physicians play golf - neither I nor my wife play!)
.... I have already visited the [MN Special Hockey] website and Lenore had told me about it too. It does sound amazing and it fits in nicely with the HockeyDocs mission of raising money for Minnesota kids.

We are expanding our venue this year and Mark Parrish of the Minnesota Wild is joining our team through his newly created charity 21 for Kids.

We are updating our website (www.hockeydocscharities.org) but if you go there you will get the general idea of the event which takes place on August 26th and 27th. As you will see, we went ahead and added your logo to our site. It would also be great to see if we could get some of the kids in Minnesota Special Hockey to attend the event.