Saturday, July 21, 2007

Minnesota Special Hockey web site reorg

USA Hockey changes mean we have to reorg our site. I've temporarily switched both and to point to this blog. In the meantime I'm preparing our new home our new home on Google's servers. Once that's done we'll have a range of services there all of us can use and both this blog and our other services (calendar, etc) will all have the address. I'm hoping to get this done by 7/25/07.

Update 7/21/07: This is a complex move, and I expect we'll have some service interruptions. July is a good time to be doing this!

Update 7/21/07: We're not in bad shape at the moment, though the photos are offline for now. The new web page and calendar are loading.

Update 7/24/07: We might be done with the first phase. The redirects are working and so is the old photo link. The internal email systems are working, and I've added one user (Susie Miller). My account is still, I'll transfer that to an official admin when we have one and create another user account for me. The blog ( is still "mine" but when Susie gets comfortable with the new site I'll add her as an admin. In the next year I want to transfer the domain to our organization as well, that will take a little bit of work. Next up will be creating additional user accounts, all email will redirect to preferred accounts. We'll also create some email lists and upgrade to Googles non-profit offerings which are more robust.

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