Tuesday, November 21, 2006

News bulletin and South Schedule Revisions

Susie handed out a news bulletin at our Nov 19 practice along with a corrected schedule. Here are a few highlights:
  • The website South Stingers schedule has been updated. We're at Columbia through Dec 10. Dec 17th we're at the new MN Made arena (North, Dome and South), usually around the noon hour.
  • The jerseys will be out around the first of the year -- they're pretty fancy.
  • Games will start in mid-January. We'll alternate arenas.
  • Susie needs a parent manager for each team. This person will be responsible for communications to their team, helping with the year end party, etc. Please talk to your coach if you might be interested.
  • MN special hockey now has an elected board and is moving towards becoming a non-profit 501c3 company.
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