Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Team and individual pictures: Wed, March 7 at the Richfield arena

The Polars and the Stingers will have pictures taken on 3/7/07:
We will be getting team and individual pictures taken on Wednesday, March 7th. They will take place at the Richfield Ice Arena arena from 5:00 - 7:15p.m

I know this is an early start time for those who have to drive a little far. But not to worry. We will start with individual pictures first. And once all the individual pictures are done, we will do the team photo's last. Things might go faster if everyone comes with all of their equipment on. That way all they will have to put on will be skates when they get to the rink.

Parents feel free to bring your skates also. If there is time left over after we take our pictures we will be skating for the remainder of the time. I hope everyone can attend. I think these pictures will be a great way to capture some good memories of our first season. Hope to see everyone on March 7th.
I will ask if friends and family can also take pictures at the same time and whether we'll be able to get digital copies of the images.

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