Sunday, December 09, 2007

Equipment care: helmet screws

Our References and Links page points to a nice equipment guide, but I don't remember it saying anything about helmet care.

The tricky thing with helmets is the darned hardware. It's constantly loosening, probably because of temperature extremes expanding and contracting the hardware.

I repaired a player's helmet today, that inspired me to check ours. Every one had loose screws, and I was missing one. Happily I had a few spares.

I think it's a good habit to tighten all the helmet screws every time the helmet is used, as a part of routine post-skating gear maintenance.

Oh, and skates should probably be sharpened after every 4th time on the ice. A lot of places do a bad job, so ask serious hockey players where they go. We use Boehm's on Selby, we have a sharpening card there.

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