Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Introduction to the Minnesota Special Hockey organizational site (for coaches and board members)

This news announcement is only important if you're a coach, board member, or a volunteer who needs to update our calendar or share documents.

Otherwise, you can ignore it.

Our web site is provided to us by Google. It's free now, and once we get our non-profit tax number we get even more free Google services. It's a bit like having our own "IT department" - for free.

Even now Google provides some services, like shared documents and spreadsheets that we can use if we need them. They also give us some pretty good calendar services.

For now it's only the calendar we're going to be using. It will allow us to create public events everyone can see, and private events for "authorized users" only.

I've created user accounts for board members and coaches and we can add other volunteers as needed. These users can edit the calendar that's displayed on our public calendar page.

Here are some reference notes for these users:

  • I sent out user names and passwords January 29th. If you need help with those email me at
  • Everyone has an email account.The new accounts are set to forward to members' regular email address. You can test this by mailing a message to your MN Special Hockey account and seeing if you get it back. If you don't get it back let me know. If you want to use these as real email accounts you can just change the settings (see below).
  • There's a start page where you can find links to the calendar, change your password, access your email (optional) and try other features: There's also a link to this page on the main page of our public site. You can use this as your home page if you like!
  • If you change your password don't forget it, I can reset your password but I can't find out what you change it to!

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