Sunday, March 30, 2008

Administrator and organizational news: summer hiatus

This post is really only of interest to MN Special Hockey board members, coaches, volunteers, etc.
I've cleaned up our site for the summer break, please take a look and let me know of any other changes to make:

Here's a quick summary of the changes:
  1. Revised team site to say we'll be back in the Fall. I'd like to add specific dates when registration will reopen if those are available please send to me.
  2. Revised the "about us" page to make it current.
  3. I changed the "Admin pages" link at the bottom of the first page.
The "Admin pages" link now goes to a password protected site. You need to login with your MN Special Hockey account. If you've forgotten that information I can send it to you. It uses some new Google Apps features and it's a big improvement on our old "start" page.

The old page is still around, but it mostly points to this admin site.

Please let me know of additional requests, changes, etc.

If I get dates for this Fall's registration I'd like to add those to our calendar and to the news page. I'd also like to add board meetings to the calendar.

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