Monday, August 18, 2008

Saint Paul Saints game Tuesday 8/19/08, Open Skate 8/24

Tomorrow is our special summer Saints outing. The web site lists Directions or you can use this Google Map to find your way.

The Saints have been losing lately, but we'll cheer 'em up.

We're to meet by the "will call" desk at 5:50pm to pick up tickets, and to pay for 'em too. (Some people have already paid). Then we go for a picnic (food is included). After the game, we will all go out onto the field for a group picture.

Toni is handling questions at 651-307-0660 or e-mail at

Rick and Susie ask if any players can join the Section 108 golf tournament on August 23. We'll be out of town unfortunately - otherwise Tim would be there with his golf clubs. Susie writes ...

We just found out that Mark Parrish would like our players to be one hand this weekend…

-We need some of us to hand out signed hockey gloves (Sometime  between noon and 6pm Saturday, I will find out specifics)

-Some players to putt at hole 9 & 18. The players would buy a putt from the charity and see if our players sink it. (Saturday, 1:30pm - 6pm (approx))

-we would also need a players to be at a dinner function Friday night. (5,6, or 7 - 9p.m.) we need everyone at 9 p.m. the earlier part of the day can be flexible.

I am sorry for the short notice, we just found out we need a lot of people…we can even take siblings if they will wear a jersey.

There will be a ton of NHL players at the events ...

Rick will be out of town too on business travel, but AJ will represent him tomorrow.

Susie also writes about an open skate Sun 8/24 at 6:30p. I've asked for additional details, we'll be away alas.

Known ticket list:

Tom and staff:  2 tickets

Susie Miller: 4 tickets

Jane Cashin: 4 tickets

George and Allie:  2 tickets

Helen 3

John F. 5

Cindy M 4.

Lil and Andrew  2 tickets

Joe Kelly  4 tickets

Bryan Thorn  5 tickets

Abby Hirsch 2 tickets

Stephanie Abel  4 tickets

Rick C  2 tickets

Lindebergs  5 tickets

Bohrmans  3 tickets

Chris Winkel: 4 tickets

Toni B: 8 tickets

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