Sunday, December 07, 2008

Eagles vs. Stingers Dec 7, 2008 - Photos

The Eagles and the Stingers played a terrific game this evening. We saw great performances from everyone, but special credit goes to the Eagle's goaltender. He got more than his share of shots, and he saw most of 'em off. He did an especially good job of trapping loose pucks.

This year the Eagles have 13 players, more than twice the size of least year's team. They're looking good. The Stingers have so many players this year they have to run 3 shifts.

I added about 49 shots from today's game to the 2008-2008 album, the first pictures of the game start around page 3 or so. As noted on our MN Special Hockey - Photo albums page our password is "mnhockey". We use the password to reduce software "harvesting" of the photos. You can download a full resolution copy of any image from the site or you can order prints.

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