Monday, March 09, 2009

Slideshow for 2009 end of season banquet

We'll have a slide show for the end of season banquet (John Faughnan's pictures are in our online photo albums). This post is to help organize the show, John will edit it as we finalize things.

We'd like more people to contribute photos and we'd like a projector.

What we've got:
Helping: Cindy Coughlin, Toni Boelter, John Faughnan
Laptop(s) and VGA converter cable: Faughnan
Power strip, extension cord: Faughnan
External display: Faughnan
Photos: Faughnan (Eagles, Stingers mostly)
Projector: Toni Boelter
What we could use

MORE POLAR pictures
Official team photos
Individual player pictures (ex. Eagle and Polar flyers)
A volunteer who's not tied down with coaching, etc
Secure room for gear

If we have a projector then we need to figure out how to consolidate images on the laptop. Copying GBs of images from a DVD can easily take over 30 minutes.

John will have to help with coaching and working with Tim and Ben, so we need to work on timing.

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