Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calendar update and the MN Hockey site

We now have an introductory MN Special Hockey page on the MN Hockey site. I've added this link to our web site reference and links page.

At least for now we're expecting to use the MN Hockey page for outreach, and the www.mnspecialhockey.org site for program information.

Along with this page we got some calendaring software. Toni Boelter is working with it. The good news is that I've integrated the calendar from the MN Hockey site onto the top of this news page and into our web site calendar page. Any changes made to the MN Hockey calendar will show up in these pages as well.

If you're technically savvy these web calendars can also be delivered to your desktop computer (Outlook 2007, OS X iCal, Google Calendar) or your iPhone or Palm Pre. The "web address" you need for that is shown on our MN Hockey calendar, it's:
For example, I access all my calendars (about seven including this one) using Google Calendar and on my iPhone.

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