Saturday, June 27, 2009

President Susie email – Board meeting

My name is Susie Miller. I am the President/Executive Director of MN Special Hockey.

Just a little history about our program. We started in the Spring of 2006. We held a 6 week mini program at Richfield Ice Arena. We had 27 skaters register. We were thrilled with the interest. That fall we started our first season. We had two teams. The South Stingers, out of Edina, and the North Polars, out of Blaine. The Stingers started strong with many of the spring session participants signing up. The Polars had less than 10 players attending on a regular basis. The 2007-2008 was the year we added the East Eagles. We had just a handful of players, but at this point the Polars and the Stingers both had nearly full teams. For 2008-2009 we did not add another team. We wanted to make sure all three teams were successful. Last season we found success with all three teams, so this fall we will be starting another team. The West Wildcats. They will play out of Albertville and Rogers. We are also planning on adding a team in International Falls this fall.

With the growth of the program MN Special Hockey organization has also grown and changed. As of March, 2008 we officially became a 501c3 Non Profit Organization. We are an organization with a 8 Member Board of Directors. Each year we are to have an annual meeting. At this meeting we will hold elections for our board of directors, as well as have a mini summary of the past year and receive a treasurers report. We are holding our Annual Meeting on Friday, July 24 at 5:45 p.m. at Midway Stadium in St. Paul (immediately before our summer Saints game celebration). We hope you are able to attend…

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