Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb news: Alexandria tourney, National Disabled Hockey Festival Apr 1-3, End of Season games March 6, Change in board and presidency

Lots of news this month ...

1.       Alexandria Tourney Mar 12-13
2.       National Tournament Disabled Hockey Festival Apr 1-3
3.       End of Season Celebration March 6th
4.       Changing President of MN SH and 11 Who Care

1.       Alexandria out of town tourney is on for Mar 12-13! Be sure to book your rooms. Since this is our first tournament, and many have vacation plans already, our teams will be small so we will merge teams together as needed. Next year we plan to schedule our tournament during the season and hope to have a much better turnout.

  • March 12-13 Alexandria, MN (Calendar entry)
  • Games: Saturday Afternoon & Sunday Morning.
  • Hotel Rooms Reserved at Holiday Inn Alexandra $101.99 + tax 320-763-6577 Block: MN Special Hockey
  • Questions? Call Susie at: 612-325-3392

2.       Disabled Hockey Festival April 1-3 – At this point you should all know about the tournament and that we are part of the hosting committee. Each family should plan to volunteer 3-4 hours during this tournament. We will be in touch soon with specific volunteer opportunities. This tournament will be staffed 100% by volunteers from various organizations including ours.  Remember, the success of every tournament is dependent on its volunteers.

Lastly we all know about the Disabled Hockey Festival April 1-3 (calendar).  There's more information on the official site. We are sending 4 teams including many Eagles. We'll have more information closer to the event. Jane Cashin writes:

3. Our end of season games, celebration and team photo will be March 6th.

All families should plan to be at this event from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. (First game starts at 1:50pm)
Please print out the Picture order form 2011 and be ready to order your pictures that day.  Bring cash/checks.

  • What: End of the year celebration! And, Team Photos
  • When: Sunday, March 6, 1:30—4:00 p.m.
  • Where: Fogerty Arena, 9250 Lincoln St., Blaine
  • Please invite family, friends, and even potential new players! This would be a great opportunity for your friends to watch and see if this is something they would like to do.


  • 1:50 ~ Polar/Singers  Individual Pictures – off ice, please be ready for pictures with jerseys on
  • 1:50 ~ 2:25 Raptor Vs Wildcats
  • 2:30 ~ 3:00 Total Organization photo and individual team photos on the ice!
  • 3:00 ~ Raptors/Wildcats  Individual Pictures – off ice
  • 3:00 ~ 3:30 Polars Vs Merged Team of Players from the other teams
  • 3:30 ~ 4:00 Eagles VS Stingers

4.       Board position change over – Last fall, Susie completed her 3 year volunteer position as President/Executive Director of MN Special Hockey (MSH). Not wanting to give up total participation in MSH, Susie reran as a Board Member and will continue an active role with the MSH program. Jane, who has also been volunteering with this program since it started, agreed to take on even more responsibilities and become the new President of MSH.

Note from Susie Miller

As the outgoing President I can honestly say I have never been involved with such an amazing program and such an amazing group of people. Every time I am able to attend the Sunday afternoon games or practices I am thoroughly impressed with the active participation of the players, parents and other volunteers. On the ice, the skill development is so impressive, off the ice, the relationships that are developing are awesome! I have had the pleasure of getting to so know so many players and I LOVE to hear all of the stories of their reasons for playing.

I recently found out I am a recipient of the 11 Who Kare award. Bill Marshal (Becky’s ideaJ) nominated me for this award for founding MN Special Hockey. I am incredibly honored to receive this award, but it is also an award that should be going to all of the other volunteers and quite frankly, the entire program. Everyone here cares about their fellow teammates, coaches, and even opponents. This is what MN Special Hockey is and why I am so proud to be a part of it. For those that had known, I promised I would send out the times.

The show will air this Sunday during the 10 pm extra, Monday at 5:15am and the following Saturday morning between 8-10 am. Thank you again for being such an amazing group to be a part of. I am proud and I hope all of you are too. I am grateful to Jane for her willingness to step forward. We are lucky to have her lead us for the next 3 years!

Note from Jane Cashin  –

As the new President I am very happy that Susie is remaining very involved.  This program would not be what it is without all the hard work she has done over the years.  I am very proud of this program and proud that I have been involved with it since the very beginning.  I get emotional when I think about all the wonderful players, parents and volunteers that have made Minnesota Special Hockey the best hockey program in the State of Hockey!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions.

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