Thursday, October 06, 2011

Facebook page for the Eagles (Eagles specific notice)

Based on team interest I've created a FB "Page" for MNSH Eagles. The page is visible to anyone, but only Facebook members who "like" the Page can add to it. Please note: These kinds of FB "Page" are always public. Unlike a personal FB wall you can't restrict who sees what you post or comment on. FB comments are not anonymous, they include names and will show up in Google searches.

Note that there's also a (public) Facebook Page for Minnesota Special Hockey; you can see updates to that page on the right side of this blog.

I've had good results with using a FB page with my baseball team. Many people find it easier to track Facebook updates than email or posts to blogs like this one.

General MNSH news will continue to be posted here, but I'll link to it from the Eagles' Page. Eagles specific news and discussions will only be on the Eagles FB page. So if you follow the Eagles FB page you will see it all.

Eagles email won't be changing. The things I emailed before will still go out by email, but they will also show up on the FB Page. You can ignore the FB page if you like.

I hope members of the Eagles family will also use this Page to connect and share non-hockey information of interest to our community.

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