Friday, September 14, 2012

Registration for the 2012-2013 season is open!

The web site is slightly confusing, but the registration page has everything in one place. The Player registration process has two parts: USA Hockey Registration and then MNSH. Total cost is $160. (HINT: copy paste the player reservation number to a document so you can copy/paste it into the MNSH registration. Saves awkward typing.)

I don't know if/when registration closes. Our skills clinic is Oct 19-21 and registration is required to attend.

There is scholarship money available, but the $50 that USA Hockey and MN Hockey collect is not available for scholarship. You'll see the link for scholarship information after you complete player registration, on the billing page.

New players get a jersey. Returning players can buy a new jersey for $60.

Both the USA Hockey and MNSH registration make it easy to register two or more players. The option to add another player comes up after the first registration is done. When you're done be sure to print your order receipt.

During player registration you'll see medical information and consent to treat forms to print and to hand to coaches

Coaches and volunteers have to register and that includes a background check for adults and completion of a waiver of liability form. (Coaches have to pay $40 to register, volunteers are free but in theory volunteers cannot be on the ice.) (NOTE: As of 9/22 the background check link doesn't work, I've sent a note on to Colleen. I think this is the correct link. Look for the electronic registration link at the top, you don't need the PDF forms. It goes quickly.)

Some key points:

* Colleen Simcoe is our registrar. You can contact her at: with questions. Thank you Colleen!

* If you registered last year, most of the information for the fields is retained for this year. Remember to sign on to start the process.

* The completed Medical Information and Consent to Treat forms are to be given to your coach or manager at the first practice.

* USA Hockey requires a credit card to register, USA Hockey fees are $40, MN Hockey fees are $10, for a total of $50.

* Please complete Step 2!!! After you obtain your USA Hockey Confirmation number, you must then register with MN Special Hockey.

* You can pay MN Special Hockey fees by check or credit card, our fees remain $110.

* No player will be allowed on the ice until registered.

* You must be registered to participate in the MN Disabled Hockey Clinic on October 19th - 21st.

* Coaches and Volunteer registration information is also at the above link.

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