Saturday, February 16, 2013

Volunteers needed: Let's Play Hockey Expo

From Antonia O'Brien:

This year at the Let's Play Hockey expo, Minnesota Hockey is giving us designated space at their booth to discuss disabled hockey.  

We need to have people there throughout the expo who can speak to disabled hockey (sled, special and warriors).  I can provide people with the talking points if they are not familiar with other programs other than their own.  

We will have disabled hockey flyers and my business cards, but you are also welcome to bring those of your own.  In addition, they would like to have a sled and some sticks there as visuals and we will play our DVD and psa.

Below is the over all time.  i would like people to take 2 hour shifts, but feel free to take more.  Please e-mail me ( and let me know what you can commit to.

The booth hours are 10-6 on Friday, March 8 and 10-5 on Saturday, March 9.

Friday shifts:
12 noon to 2pm

Saturday Shifts:
10a-12 noon
12 noon to 2pm

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