Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stingers photo and request for Northern News and Photos

I've updated our photo album with some shots from the South Stingers skills test and scrimmage of 12/17. The photos are here: SmugMug : Minnesota Special Hockey 2007. As noted below (links to prior year are in earlier posts) the required password is "mnhockey". You can order prints easily from that site -- thought it's probably a bit late to get holiday cards made.

Thanks to coach Rick and our volunteers as always for a terrific job. We don't see them now until January, so here's hoping all our volunteers and leaders take time for themselves over the holiday, and feel the satisfaction of good works.

I travel with South Stingers, so I won't have announcements for the Polars unless I get something from Susie or the Polars. If anyone from the Polars would like to have publishing rights on this blog that would be great, otherwise I would be glad to repost whatever I receive. The same thing goes for Polar photos. I know the Polars have their own camera person (with a very nice new Canon I must jealously note) and I can set things up for them to put images on our album.

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