Saturday, January 06, 2007

Minnesota Stingers 2006-2007 Schedule - revised

The Minnesota Stingers 2006-2007 Schedule has been revised. The official website schedule should be updated shortly, or you can use the above link. Coach Rick writes:
Hello all Stingers,

We had to make some changes to the schedule (see attachment), we added a few games, and our home ice arena had some schedule changes.

We hope our last game will be at Xcel, or at our home arena (Minnesota Made). I am trying to get the Gophers cheerleaders, and Goldy to join us for our last game. It all depends on where the Gophers men hockey team will be playing. If they play at home, or within busing distance, the cheer team and Goldy will have to go to that game. I can't imagine them passing up our game for a NCAA playoff game...

If it all goes the way we want it to go, we will play at Xcel with Goldy, and the cheerleaders.

I would like to have as many spectators as possible come and watch our final game, I think it would be fun to have a big crowd, so please mark your calendar (March 25) and start spreading the word.

We will have pizza, cake, and awards after the final game. It will be a fun filled final day.

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