Saturday, August 18, 2007

Section 108 Golf Tournament - donations to MN Special Hockey

The weather could have a bit nicer, but we had a great turnout from the rugged section 108 golfers and our coaches. Susie stood for ours in the cold and wet taking pictures and schmoozing.

I missed seeing Sadie -- she met our donors as they arrived. Tim and I arrived a bit late and lost, but had a great time. Tim got to meet some Wild players and, even better, watched Coach Rick and AJ play some astounding golf. Rick tried to give AJ a chance by occasionally send the ball in odd directions, but Tim and I weren't fooled.

I have some photos online to start off our 2007-2008 album, I think Susie will have more I can add: MN Special Hockey 2007-2008 : Section 108 Golf Tournament. (The pw is MN Hockey, see our web site for more.)

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