Friday, September 16, 2011

MN Special Hockey Registration is now open!

Minnesota Special Hockey Registration is now open!

For more about MNSH please see our web site or visit our Facebook Page. We have players of all ages, sizes and genders. We have players with all ranges of cognitive disabilities, from ADHD and Aspergers through the autism spectrum to players with limited language ability. We have players who sit in chairs, players who can't skate (many learn!), and players who have played mainstream hockey competitively. We have players who always loved hockey, and players who followed their siblings.

There's help available for low income players. The time demands are limited -- typically 2 hours a week of game/practice. There are no volunteer commitments required.


Please follow the instructions on our website to complete the registration:

If you are unable to print your forms during registration, they can be found at:

Coaches and Volunteers over 18 years old:

Follow the instruction at the link above under the Coaches and Volunteers Registration.

  1. Must register with USA Hockey (free for volunteers) if not already registered with another organization.
  2. Then go to the MN Hockey link to complete a background check form. * Enter "Special" for Hockey Association name. * Enter "0" for MH District.
  3. Then email your USA Hockey Confirmation number to Jane Cashin at


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