Friday, November 21, 2014

Eagles News: Nov 21, 2014

Hello Eagles and Fans:

We had a great game this Sunday with the Stingers. All of the Eagles turned in top performances, and we all looked pretty pleased at the end.

This Sunday we have a practice:

Eagles Practice
12:50pm CST - 1:50pm CST, November 23rd, 2014 Ical_event_icon
Location: Bielenberg East 

Now that bowling is done and winter is settling in we’re expecting to see more of our veteran players. We could still use some growth though. Please spread the word at school, work and among friends that the Eagles welcome new players at every level and age. If you have ideas for attracting new players please let Coach Erin or John F (me) know.

We are doing official TEAM PHOTOS on Saturday, Dec 6 at Bielenberg. John F will take less formal photos at another time (free).
The Roseville Oval is open if you'd like to get some extra skating in.
Please email if you'd like changes to your email address (add, remove, etc) -
See you Sunday!
About the Eagles: (About the team, coaches and volunteers)

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